About us

Claudia Bustamante

Started very early with Dog Shows, as early as 1983 she went into the ring with Rottweilers. But soon she changed them for Dachshunds, her favourite breed.
From 1985 on she breeds Dachshunds, first Standard and later Miniature and Kaninchen as well. Proudly she can say that the DACHSHUNDS DEL CARONI have won great recognition within the Ring as well as out of it. She has bred during all these years many Champions of Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Europe. As well as International and Worldchampions.


Merlijn Brenninkmeijer

Great animal lover, specially dogs. Knows Dog Shows from the mid nineties.
Early in the year 2000 she meets Claudia, they befriend and later start their canine adventure with Claudia as teacher/mentor.
Nowadays they breed Dachshunds together under the Kennelname Del Caroni.

Her other favourite Breed is the Norfolk Terrier, she got her first Norfolk thanks to Dr. Frauke Hinsch. She breeds Norfolks with the Kennelname DONDERSTEEN.

Responsible Breeding

To breed is a very responsible act, it needs time and money. One has to choose a good dog, plan the covering, keep the bitch in perfect condition during her pregnancy and delivery, attend to bitch and pups during 10 weeks, veterinarians, disinfections …. All this happens before we even know whether we have a pup of Show quality for ourselves, they are all extraordinary dogs, only not all of them have this special qualities we require of a Show dog.
Apart we have to mention the socialisation we have to work on before the pups go to their new homes.

Resposible breeders spend many hours planning their breeding programm to produce healthy, happy and beautiful animals.

Our dogs go to their new location hoping to find a marvellous home with friends for life, who love him and look after him. We intend always to find the right dog for the right home. We also try to advise as well as we can. We pretend as well to recommend NOT having a dog if we think this necessary.

Having a dog is a big responsibility, that goes on for about 14-16 years. Our dogs are active, funny and loving friends for a family, a couple or a single person, we only espect that they are prepared to assume this responsibility.

Occasionally puppies available.